power bitch spaces

Every power bitch needs a power bitch space. A safe place to vent, create, dream. A place to sit, ponder and plan.

I manifested my desk – before I ever thought I had room in my apartment for one. In fact, I really didn’t have room in my apartment for one. I MADE room.

For over a year, I would pin and pin and pin elements that I thought made great power bitch desks. (link: power bitch spaces)

Then, one day, I decided it was time. I had been having trouble writing from all of the places that used to do. From my bed, kitchen table, living room couch, Starbucks, etc. I just wasn’t getting into my groove.

power bitch desk.jpg

I would find myself oddly inspired at all of the wrong times and in all of the wrong places. Flying down the highway trying to yell at Siri (and yes, it is necessary to yell and re-yell at my Siri) to take down all of the ‘genius’ I was spewing. I even pulled over a few times to quickly capture the story bubbling over and spilling out of my mind into the notes app in my iPhone – flashers on, windows down, music blaring, cars passing. (side note: I was writing about my sick new love affair with ice cream – I’ll share that someday.)

I realized I wasn't creating enough time in my life to do what I loved – and I certainly hadn’t created or allowed myself a friendly environment to do it in.

I began to think, “what I need is a desk.”

In true power bitch (or Lindsey) nature, this quickly went from a spark to a full-blown fire in just one week’s time.

I asked “Earl boss” (the boyfriend who is way more than a boyfriend after 10 years of dating) if he would mind if I rearranged our apartment to make room for my own little office space. Loving and supportive, as always, he agreed. Thank god.

I consulted with both my mom and my sister – who both replied, “duh I told you that months ago. Write. Write. Write.”

I jotted down what I pictured my desk space to look like in my red power bitch notebook.


  • White
  • Books with cool bookend
  • Magazines – need to be read
  • Power bitch red candle
  • Fur rug? / hide?

Look at me now.

All it took was a vision. Okay, and an IKEA trip (which also requires a super helpful and handy boyfriend), an Overstock.com order and the re-arrangement of a few household favorites. Literally I was up and running at my new power bitch desk space in 1 week.

What do you desire?  And do you have a space that is conducive to creating that which you desire? If you are an artist, a trainer, a musician – you must have a place where you can create art, train hard, or inspire great lyrics.

What are you waiting for?

You have 1 week.