enjoying the ride

"enjoying the ride" down PCH

"enjoying the ride" down PCH

It's Friday, Friday... so what are you looking forward to this weekend? Meeting up with friends? Traveling to a new destination? Working on your side hustle? Trying a new restaurant? 

A weekend payoff is important. If you haven't already, sit down and create your fall FUN to-do list and get to work crossing numbers off!

After all, life is just traveling from one point to another if you are not enjoying the ride.  


So, what’s on a power bitch’s fall FUN to-do list?

I sat down to write this list and realized how expanded it became when I actually sat (at my power bitch desk) and took the 15 minutes to think about it.

The advice I ended up with? Live a romantic life. Take the time to write your story. Do the things movies are worth being made about. Every season. Every day.


Here is my fall FUN story:

1.     Apple picking + make caramel apples

2.     Sunday hike + mandatory picnic at the peak

3.     SaturDIY project: create travel keepsake boxes or books for all of our recent trips

4.     Get lost on a fall foliage drive (no GPS allowed - LITERALLY enjoying the ride)

5.     Do something crazy in the moment --- like really crazy

6.     Brunch outdoors at least one more time before it gets too chilly

7.     Spa day with my girlfriends

Gotta go - fun is calling my name!


Power Bitch