It’s been a while since I’ved shared anything on here... mostly because I have been busy soaking up every last ounce of my family being on the east coast.

Yep. You heard that right. #LEIFKENINC is back to bicoastal family problems. My brother and my Mom headed back west about a month and a half ago [they are now both settled and – of course – ecstatic to be back under palm trees] and then, a few weeks after they left, Chelsea decided that she was ready to move back to LA, too. And to think that for a while there Ryan and I believed we had won the coast war.

Although I will dearly miss our weekly Sunday family dinners, I will always be happy for their happiness [which happens to be found on the west coast]. To be honest, I kind of missed my frequent trips to California [the bright side spin].

Anyways, here’s how the major move played out. Mom and Cody did the “sane” thing – packed a pod and boarded a plane. While Chelsea did the “wild child” thing and asked me if I’d be interested in road tripping from New Jersey to California in her Honda Civic [hence #twogirlsonecivic]. DUH. I live for travel adventures, so I got to planning.

That was a few weeks ago. I have successfully traveled crosscountry, in a car packed to the brim, with my sister, stopping to see amazing sites along the way, using countless gas station restrooms, eating a costco size jar of cashews, re-listening to the same 20 fetty wap songs on sirius, living out of a suitcase [and backpack and laptop bag and fold over clutch] for [almost] two weeks.

We traveled to and through 12 different states, 6 national parks and countless tourist attractions.

I am different. Different for experiencing more of this amazing earth with my built-in best friend. I am smarter. Smarter for understanding the variety of America. The changing topography, cultures, people, personalities, lifestyles and attitudes. The world is somehow both insanely large and insanely small all at the same time. I am also very blessed [and not in a #blessed ironic or braggy type of way]. Blessed beyond measure - both for the experience and for what I am able to come home to. My eyes are now very much more open. 

The trip was life changing and I FINALLY had the time to sit down and share a piece of it with you (at least a visual recap).

Day 1 – New Jersey to Pennsylvania to Ohio to Indiana to Illinois to Iowa

Day 2 – Iowa to Nebraska [or as they call it - corn country] to Colorado

Day 3 – Rocky Mountain National Park

Day 4 - Colorado to Utah / Arches National Park and Canyonlands National Park

Day 5 – Utah to Arizona / Mesa Verde National Park and Monument Valley

Day 6 – Antelope Canyon, North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Day 7 – Zion National Park to Palm Springs

Day 8 – Salvation Mountain


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