sister date: frida kahlo garden exhibit

I love having my sister live back on the east coast (even though I know it is probably short lived). The absolute best part is getting to have sister dates. Sister date activities are mostly reserved for the outings that your boyfriend would feel "dragged along" to do. Cue the botanical gardens, museums, yoga and meditation classes --- two very happy, fulfilled sisters, and two even happier boyfriends.

We were both stoked to hear that the New York Botanical Garden (which we'd never been to) was going to have a Frida Kahlo exhibit sharing her garden and an imagined immersion into her life at Casa Azul. Umm - because what inspired, empowered woman doesn't have a thing for Frida Kahlo? And you know how inspired and empowered we Leifken girls are (hair flip for fempowerment).

It's been a few weeks since we visited the Frida exhibit and the NYBG for our first time, but wanted to share a quick visual recap (the few photos I snapped on my iPhone) as you still have plenty of time to visit the exhibit (it will be there until November 1st). In our opinion, it totally lived up to the hype; the frida blue wall is everything, the succulent garden was a dream, the cafe lunch was beyond delish and we can't wait to return when other gardens are in bloom. 

2015-06-06 11.29.04.jpg
2015-06-06 11.35.43.jpg
2015-06-06 11.35.50.jpg
2015-06-06 11.37.18.jpg
2015-06-06 12.06.20.gif
2015-06-06 12.58.31.jpg