tribe table

The trilogy house projects have moved outdoors! Nine months since we bought this investment property and we're seconds away from wrapping up all of the finishing touches [insert backflip here].

But, what's a home without people to fill it? Well, I LOVE hosting... and Ryan and I can't seem to escape projects [starting to wonder if we even want to]. At some delirious point during the outdoor portion of our renovation, I got the brillz idea that I wanted [okay, needed] a 10 foot picnic table made of reclaimed wood  and obviously I had just the man to do it.

Beyond perfect  we also had lots of wood that "we" ripped down during our garage loft project to spare. It was meant to be  old beautiful wood, with heritage from our home, that also happened to be like 9 3/8 long  I'll take it!

And so, that is how our TRIBE TABLE came to be  a place to seat + feed + host + learn + laugh with my tribe. Idea + inspiration + creative direction + design from yours truly and brains + labor from Ryan = [see in-the-building-process and in-enjoyment images below].

Come, gather 'round my TRIBE TABLE. 


2015-06-27 15.53.41.jpg