green thumb - or nah?

There were a lot of firsts with the trilogy house. First time designing a kitchen and bathroom, first time being a landlord, first time dealing with the insanity of contractors, first time falling through a ceiling - I could go on and on and on. All exciting firsts though, right?

Well, I was super excited for my first landscaping project - for the life and love that flowers and plants add to a home. But the last time I dug dirt - it was for worms [and over 15 years ago], so there were more than just a few steps involved in this learning process.

The first step was to have actual landscapers and masons rip up and rebuild our walkway and retaining wall - totally transforming the space I had to work with. The second step was [obviously] to start a Pinterest board, peruse images for hours, read articles, avidly research, stop, drop, roll and review. Then, I dragged Ryan [with a pretty decent MDW hangover] to go look and take notes on which plants I liked at a local farm / greenhouse. Step four, I then went back to the drawing board and researched some more [this time googling plant energies and symbolisms - pretty cray, huh?]. I mapped out my planting beds, spray painted to semi-permanently mark them, and measured and mapped out an idea of what exactly I would need.

Then, this happened. I picked 40+ plants in under two hours [lots of grasses, lavender, sage, salvia] and added a new title to my resume - Landscape Designer [with the help of my mom, sister and Ryan]. They promised not to tell you guys that I had crazy allergic reactions and a mini meltdown, but I am outing myself anyway. 

Now, hopefully, I can keep my beauties alive. 

Green thumbs in the air - wave 'em like you just don't care,


2015-06-19 16.30.35.jpg
2015-06-19 17.42.22.jpg
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