the things i know version 1

It’s Wednesday. What did I do today? Simply put, I rose, I worked, I worked out and now I am prepping dinner. The menu: roasted purple potatoes with chives, crushed red pepper roasted carrots, balsamic chicken (for ry) salad and quinoa (for me).

I am sitting at my glorious kitchen island – with grace and thanks, feeling full and fulfilled, open to what’s next and excited for what’s on the horizon. I am busying myself writing lists, making plans, thinking about what I want and what I know. Then I begin pondering – what do I know? What do I know at 7:53 on this nice Wednesday night?

I know that the sun rises and sets every day. This is the same for life’s good and bad times. They rise and they set. Sometimes you can control the shine of the sun in your life. Life is good – shine, baby shine.

I know that love, whether it be from your special person, family, friends, your higher power, pets or strangers, is real. It is real and it is the most amazing, full feeling you will get the opportunity to feel.

What you put in and on your body matters. This takes education, time, research, money, but it matters – and you should make your body a number one priority.

Who you surround yourself with is a direct reflection of how you think of yourself. Think about that one.

Sometimes it is better to meet a friend last minute for a margarita and skip your planned yoga class. Because it’s life – and yoga will certainly be there tomorrow.

Your integrity, morals and reputation are cornerstones of every decision you make in this life. Make sure your decisions are based on a strong foundation. 

Read. Fill yourself with the knowledge others spent their life learning and writing to share with you. Now you wont have to spend your whole life learning the same lesson (or maybe you will).

Find what you believe in. Be open to the evolution of what you believe as you grow and learn and share.

Give until you are full – and yes – giving to others is a sure way to fill up.

When you’re invited – go. When they pop champagne – drink. When wanderlust hits – travel. When you’re moved to tears – cry. When the view is amazing – put your phone down (it won’t capture how beautiful it was firsthand anyway). 

This is by no means a doctrine of all of my beliefs or all of what I currently know on this nice Wednesday night, but dinner is ready. [wink]

Love and light and even more love,