hosting at home

Nothing fills my heart more than a full house and a full table. As we've been settling into our new home, I am quickly finding my calendar (and private pinterest boards) filling up with exciting new plans and entertaining themes. If there is one thing that I know how to do in life, it is to perfectly and seamlessly combine sensational food and drinks in a stellar setting with amazing people - equaling great laughs, lots of love, blessed vibes, and if you're lucky - some wild dancing. 

Brunch has always been our favorite meal of the weekend, so I couldn't wait to host my first brunch with family - and then again with friends. The table (obvi overflowing with champagne) was filled with mixed berries, assorted fruit, yogurt and granola for fresh parfaits, bacon, eggs - and here's the real surprise - homemade bagels!

Yes, Ryan and I played our hand at homemade bagels and some artisan cream cheeses. NOM NOM NOM [insert happy food face].

The whole process was definitely more labor intensive than walking down two blocks to pick up from our favorite bagel and deli - but offered up way more satisfaction (and plenty of pride, bragging rights, and mealtime conversation).

On top of the uber delicious bagels themselves, there were a few other perks as well. We were able to ensure the ingredients sourced were organic, and we were also able to get fun with some of the flavors; cinnamon sugar, himalayan pink salt, etc.

Nothing like a bagel fresh and piping hot out of the oven - or the teamwork that it took to get them there. [wink]

Carb addict for life,