If you have recently tried to make plans with me, you’ll know that my calendar slots and list of spring and summer weekend jaunts are quickly filling up.

I love adventure and activities and have a hard time sitting still on my days “off”. On a Saturday or Sunday morning I still find myself up at the crack of dawn (cold brew in hand) yearning to get up and out and discover new faces, places and experiences. So much so, that it is kind of like my weekend job (event planner slash travel guide) – of course the part-time position comes with its fair share of perks and bonuses.  

Last weekend, my college roommate / best friend, Danielle, and I decided to visit the Brooklyn Flee and Smorgasburg with empty stomachs, open minds and a ton to catch up on.

Back story: Danielle and I lived in off-campus apartments together for three years during college – and we’ve been best friends since first semester at Seton Hall (9 years ago). We share a love for adventure, and while I probably shouldn’t write about half of the things we did in our college years, let’s just say we knew how to create a fun time. We continue to create "adult life" memories with outings and trips and make sure to always have a future date in the calendar to look forward to. Next month, we’re off to Montauk for a long weekend at Ruschmeyer’s! 

Last Saturday we caught up over WAY TOO MUCH food. This is only what I had… yep, 5 rounds of tastings.

2015-05-09 11.58.36.jpg
2015-05-09 13.56.00.jpg
2015-05-09 17.03.23.jpg
2015-05-09 12.00.38.jpg