the "beauty bath" bible

Beauty baths are part of my usual late night routine. I wrap up whatever I'm doing around the house, strip down, wash my face, pull back my hair, light a candle and draw a bath. It is my release, my quiet escape and detox. I have designed my “beauty bath” to serve the purpose of restoring mental, emotional and physical well-being (which I will share details about in a few).

I didn’t realize how much I relied on them until they were gone. Poof, they disappeared. We were renovating our new home - and when we moved out of our apartment - we had an overlap during which we were living amidst the crazy (which meant only a shower as the new bathroom had yet to be completed).

It was in that time that I most craved, needed and yearned for a bath. To relax, unwind, and of course, because my body was sore as shit (have you ever painted a trilogy house?). And to top it all off, I was stressed to the max (me? not be okay with disorder? are you shocked?).

I know where i got this beautiful bath ritual from - I inherited it. When I look back on it – my mom took a bath almost every single night after my dad arrived home from work – and I’m pretty sure it was the exact way you picture a luxurious 1990s bubble bath with the necessary accompaniment of Star magazine.

Draw a bath - it’s what the doctor ordered (and don’t forget the following):

  • Pre-soak body brushing (so invigorating and great for circulation)
  • Epsom salt (I use 3 cups per bath - SO MANY health benefits)
  • Essential oils (I love lavender, patchouli, sweet orange)
  • Light a candle (cotton wick is super important)
  • Exfoliate your face and throw on a mask (while your pores are open)
  • Turn on an empowering video (I love listening to Danielle Laporte)
  • Meditate (it’s the perfect place where you have very little distractions)
  • Pinterest for inspiration (be careful not to drop your phone!)

During the renovation process, I told a few people that I will officially know that I have "made it" in life when I have a separate room in my house just for baths (Lindsey’s Soaking Room, please). Actually, It has officially been added to the dream home must-have list. For now, I am lucky to have a beautiful bathroom (that I designed) to enjoy every evening for the next few years.

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