trilogy house part dos

In case you missed it (even after the millionth time I've written it) - our house's nickname is "trilogy house". The house is actually five stories if you count the finished basement and attic (four floors of living space), but after three floors who is really counting? The nickname really just came to be, because a Big Sean song was popular around the time we were renovating... "I just bought a crib three stories that bitch a trilogy." Yeah, totally normal.

While a full-gut renovation was definitely the most challenging aspect, decorating our trilogy house was not such an easy task either. I have two complete opposite personality and decorating sides - my bohemian "closet-hippie" side and my modern minimalist chic side. The goal (and challenge) of this decorating project was to mix the two of them to create my own unique space - in like a 1-2 month time frame (who has time?).

When choosing new pieces for our home, rugs were probably one of the hardest decor elements for me to decide on - that and light fixtures. Rugs totally set the tone for the rest of the room, so I thought it was important for me to declare what the intended vibe of each room would be before pulling the trigger on any purchase. In addition to vibe, I also wanted to ensure the rugs that I chose had a fair amount of durability, because frequent entertaining is of the utmost importance in our new place.

We made it out alive. Here's the vibe for each room and images of the final rugs we bought.

TRILOGY HOUSE BEDROOM 1: I would describe the vibe as bohemian minimalism. La vie barefoot boheme - a place to do downward dog, savasana or round out your night with a few vinyassa rotations.

TRILOGY HOUSE DINING ROOM: I would describe the vibe as bohemian modern. I chose a thick, rugged, earthy beauty that added warmth into our number one entertaining space.

 TRILOGY HOUSE LIVING ROOM: I would describe the vibe as modern and strong. This beautiful hide centers the space.

TRILOGY HOUSE WALK-IN CLOSET: I would describe the vibe as modern and soft. The sheepskin is the kind of rug you want to dig your toes (or face) into - and yes, I've totally laid down on my belly on that rug a few times.

TRILOGY HOUSE ENTRYWAY: I would describe the vibe as modern, bohemian "stay a while" - but please take your shoes off. Actually this rug's pattern entraps your eyes in a bizarre way (and hides dirty footprints quite well).