say (no) cheese

You may or may not know that I am a vegetarian – and have been for 14 years (aside from a brief stint in highschool when I had a thing for diner chicken fingers – ew).

And now, after a lot of talk and deliberation, I've decided to eliminate dairy from my diet for the month of April. I am not sure that this is a lifestyle change that I wish to fully undertake, so I’m giving it a go for a month. It also helps that there’s only seven more weeks left until official bikini season – and I’m sure eliminating cheese will make fulfilling my bathing suit goals a little more easily attainable.

As more and more education and awareness is happening around hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and the overall negative health effects surrounding dairy products, I’m excited to make this dedication to taking a step back and detoxing my body a bit. Even though we only buy organic, hormone-free yada yada products for our home – it’s kind of hard to keep on top of what I put in my body when we so frequently enjoy dining out.


I LOVE cheese. Fresh mozzarella, sharp cheddar, feta, blue - and I especially love a spread.

Pizza. Grilled cheese. Enchiladas. Raviolis.

I add whole milk to my coffee every morning.

I look forward to warm weather ice cream dates.

I also go through spurts where I routinely enjoy Greek yogurt for breakfast.

It’s really weird, but I feel so called to do this that I think it is going to be easy. Well, we’ll see! In preparation, I’ve already switched to unsweetened almond milk in my coffee, and am enjoying a weekend of "last suppers" of sorts - I had spinach and artichoke dip at dinner with the girls last night (and feta on my salad) and plan on indulging in enchiladas at my favorite Mexican place tonight.

Anyone want to join me in ditching the dairy for the month of April? Have you tried ditching it before?

Saaaay (no) cheese!