two months // ten topics

It's been two months. TWO WHOLE MONTHS. But I am baaaaack (for real this time).

Here's the update on what I've been up to and what you can expect to hear much more about in the next few weeks.


1. The inside of our new home is COMPLETE! (I am addicted to renos and so ready for the next)

2. Sweet details - the little touches that totally make our space.

3. Winter bliss in Vermont.

4. Hosting at home (my new obsession).

5. Building a "big girl" brand-focused Spring wardrobe.

6. What I've been watching, reading, learning.

7. Oh yeah, we became "cat people".

8. Planning our next big trip - and tips to help you plan yours, too. 

9. Heading south to Sarasota, Florida.

10. Detox. Detox. Detox.

So excited to see you SOON! 

Fingers to the keyboard,