sh*t i sent my sister // 8.25.14

Throughout the week, my sister and I volley back and forth some great finds through text, tweet or tag on social media. It may be a great new handbag, pair of shoes, instagram account, video, inspirational quote, rap song, fitness routine, recipe, etc. Well, I thought to myself, if it's good enough that I feel I must share with my sister, I also want to share with you! So, here's a new weekly post to share the daily sh*t I am into and inspired by (and send to my sister).

1. While perusing instagram during a detox bath, I came across the @teambossbabe account - hilarious, hours of entertainment, and ohhh so true. Enjoy, #bossbabes!

2. Pay attention to what you are being shown. I opened my car door in the Trader Joe's parking lot to find this sparkling sign.


3. I shared on Facebook (both via private message to Chelsea and on my wall), "Don't bother calling me. I'm in the bathtub listening to Oprah - having epiphanies." And I was. Everything that she Oprah said in this interview resonated so deeply with me. Listen to her wise words on career, life and leadership below.