Lindsey & Steven's Wild Ride

Last week I went on a wild and amazing day trip adventure with my friend, Steven. Mostly wild because we are crazy and mostly amazing because he is fabulous. I live for him - my best friend since 6th grade, amigo in crime, and holder of my deepest and darkest secrets (eye roll).

Lindsey & Steven's Wild Ride Itinerary

First stop, Starbucks, because we are not "living" or "dying" for each other if we haven't first had caffeine.

Up next, Riamede Farms in Chester, because Steven "has always wanted to go pumpkin picking and no one would ever go with him." Which, by the way, is a complete lie. I was all about the apple picking and Fall Instagram photo opportunity, but then Steven discovered that there was a PUMPKIN FIELD!

Obviously, while at the farm, we picked two bags of delish apples, threw two pumpkins on a wagon, took like 57 photos of each other, filmed one snapchat video, and grabbed two bags of apple cider donuts (yep!). It was a basic bitch's dream.

Next, we hopped in the car and plugged in the iPhone to jam out to some serious Sam Smith (swoon) and headed into SoHo for lunch and cocktails at Jack's Wife Freda. AMAZING. 

Okay, so we thought we would hold hands and walk to the next fabulous happy hour location… but it started rainingggg (and Steven's hair was meltingggg) and the President drove by with a full fledge security entourage, so we headed out of the city to meet up with our other best friend (Samantha) for two bottles of wine and an amazing spread. 

We laughed, we cried, I spilled some drinks and we decided to start our own religion.

The end.
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