my first power bitch costume

Did I ever tell you about that time I dressed up as a working mother for Halloween? Seriously, I am telling you, I was a weeeee bit different than the other school children. Oh yeah, and I was SEVEN.

working mother.JPG

7-years-old: Besides holding my own cheerleading “tryouts” at recess (by the way - still apologizing to anyone who didn’t “make my team”), I also insisted on dressing the boss lady part for Halloween.

When you're seven and it's Halloween you can be ANYTHING! So, what did you dress up as on the most imaginative day of the year? Were you a fairy princess? A witch? A goblin? Or a power ranger? Maybe a ninja turtle? That’s what I thought.

When I was seven I told my mom that I wanted to dress up as a “working mother” for Halloween… and she (like the supporting mother she is) helped me to. I dressed up in a skirt suit with a briefcase in one hand and a baby carriage in the other (EXTREMELY similar to this image that now hangs on my vision board).

To properly convey the true lengths of my renegade status, I feel the need to share that my mom was a full-time stay-at-home mom. Uhh, where in the world did the inspiration for this costume come from?

While my peers wanted to have all of the candy – I was determined to "have it all".

Boss Lady Leader Bonus: if there were to have been a contest for best working mother costume, I would have won. Hands down. And sometimes that’s the reward for being weird, different, just a little more mature or ahead of the times (by like 30 years) of those around you.

This year I’ll probably just be a fairy princess,

Power Bitch