Power bitchin’ travel accessories

I just arrived home from a week of gallivanting around England with a stop in Paris, and as I’m getting back to “normal” life (which unfortunately includes a lot of unpacking and laundry), I wanted to share some accessories that are necessaries in my carry on. These are items that have been to range of travel destinations – from Africa to Alaska to Hawaii to London – so I thought that they may be objects you’d like to consider when you’re packing for your next awesome adventure.

power bitchin' travel accessories.JPG

Passport holder: Because nothing says, “back the fuck off” at customs like an animal print passport cover – meow!

Toms shoes: I buy a new pair for each destination I travel to and then pretty much throw them out after (I’m a germaphobe). They are super comfy when you are spending your whole day walking, they pair well with most outfits (I even wore them with a leopard jCrew dress and black tights this trip), and take up very little space in your suitcase (as opposed to the Hunter rain boots that HAD to come to London with me – which was sooo worth it, by the way).

Cashmere pashmina: First, it can be used as a blanket on the plane --- because I would not be caught dead using an airplane blanket (again, I’m a germaphobe and I don’t care that it comes in a vacuum-sealed bag). Secondly, a pashmina (especially black) can easily be paired with each day's ensembles whether you're dressing up and wrapping it around your shoulders or dressing down and wearing it wrapped as a scarf.

Power Bitch notebook: I have some of my best ideas when I am removed from my everyday life. Whether journaling about my goals, dreams and desires or just recording my journey – I love to have a notebook at my disposal.

Hat: Most of my vacations do not allow ample time each morning upon waking up to do my hair (nor do I want to – in fact, I consider that part of the vacation!) Having a hat handy not only allows me to be ready for any inclement weather that I may encounter while out adventuring, but also ensures that I look fabulous – bedhead and all. Bonus: you may earn a nickname like “Indiana Lindsey” if you pick the right hat (more about the mystery hat I wore on my London & Paris trip to come).

Ugh I do not enjoy unpacking and putting away my favorite travel accessories. Until the next adventure, “pop of print” passport cover!


Power Bitch