power bitch tip: how to picnic

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Confession: I am legit OBSESSED with picnicking (It appeared on my fall FUN to-do list).

Seriously what is better than lesiurely lounging in nature surrounded by beautiful scenery with someone you love and an assortment of food and drink to indulge in?

Such a beautiful way to pass a Spring/Summer/Fall Sunday afternoon that takes minimal effort or planning.

Bonus: it's also romantic. 

Never spread a blanket and packed a basket? I’ll make it easy for you.  


Power Bitch Tip - 8 Steps to ensure the perfect picnic date:

Step 1. Decide on a location. Think of local pretty places parks, lakes, mountain peaks, etc.

Step 2. Grab a sheet or blanket. I just recently ordered this RVCA beach blanket.

Step 3. Grab some noms. I like to include snacks like hummus and pretzel crisps, cheese and crackers, grapes and watermelon, sandwiches - whatever you fancy - just make sure to pack an assortment.

Step 4. Add refreshers. Water, wine, or seltzer would be my go-tos.

Step 5. Don’t forget a hot-off-the-newsstand magazine or the book you've been meaning to finish for months.

Step 6. Find the perfect picnic partner (significant other or bestie are both totally appropriate).

Step 7. Instagram. We all know if you didn't “gram” it - it didn’t happen.

Step 8. Enjoy.