power bitch tip: maintain your mani

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In honor of #manimonday, I wanted to share how I keep a meticulous manicure while traveling. (Hi from London, power bitches!)

Well-manicured nails are important to me (the power of presentation) and since I use my nails as tools I often find myself with chips and imperfections.

My new found fear of gel manicures (due to the detection of strange spots on my hands at this year's skin cancer screening), combined with my less than par experience with manicures abroad (okay, the Cape Town airport nail bar wasn’t the brightest idea) led me to this fool-proof plan for maintaining a mani while traveling.

Bonus: no nail polish remover needed.


1. Prep: Purchase 2+ nail appliques in the same color. The amount you will need depends on how long you will be traveling and how likely you are to chip your nails (I consider myself HIGH risk).

2. Apply: File your nails a little shorter than you normally would, push back your cuticles, etc., and apply nail strips (I prefer Incoco).

3. Maintain: As you begin to notice chips in your mani, apply the same color nail applique strips as a second coat on top of the original appliques. Place the strip further back in the nail bed to hide growth. Repeat as needed.

Voila! A fresh-to-death manicure that requires no dry time and can be easily applied from your plane, train, taxi, rickshaw, kayak – you catch my drift.

Tip: I've found this double up technique works best when using patterned, textured or dark nail appliques.

I used Incoco Midnight for this trip as it’s one of my favorite Fall/Winter basics and is easy to apply over (and over) without imperfections showing through. 

Well, I’m off to high tea – with my well-manicured pinkies out!


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